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We have cats!

simon and fred

We rescued these two from the Burbank Animal Shelter. Their names are Simon (named after Simon Tam) and Fred (named after Winifred Burkle). Fans of Joss Whedon will know of Simon Tam from the much-too-shortlived Firefly series and Winifred Burkle from Whedon's Angel series. We were going to name Fred River since they are brother and sister and River Tam is Simon's brother in Firefly but this cat loves to live in enclosures just like Winifred when she was lost in the Pylea dimension. Ah yes my uber-geekdom surfaces every now and then but I figure if I ever have to defend my honor with a 12-sided die, I'll be sitting pretty...
Little Pets And Tiny Actors

So I will be leaving my temporary housing soon to fully move into our new apartment and I just want to bring up an aspect of the place that really stuck out during my time there: little pets and tiny actors. The entire complex is filled with these two demographics. Wherever you look, if you don't see a little pet you most definitely will at least see a tiny actor. Now little pets are basically a stereotype of LA (and a true one at that), but I was amazed to see the Oakwood as a haven for child actors. These kids are getting to know their business too. They congregate and talk about the shows they are doing and what they are doing next. It's interesting to think about their lifestyle. I would assume only a few of them will ever make a career out of acting so I sort of feel sorry for them as they live in a glorified hotel room for who knows how long. Let's just hope there is a boom in the child actor casting calls and all of these poor souls find success and a future that I hope they want. I could just be getting old and cynical though. They did hog the pool last weekend leaving me beached in the sun.

I also wanted to talk about my first couple weeks at Dreamworks but I'll leave that for my next post. I'm tired and an old man needs his sleep.