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My first nephew is here!

He's finally here and I can't wait to get back to the East Coast at the end of August to see him. Way to be Angel Mae and Daniel. You've created something absolutely wonderful.
I'm rocking the Spotify

I just created my free Spotify account. Thanks to everyone who fought to finally get Spotify to the US. I'm psyched about trying it out this week to see what all the hubbub was about. Maybe I'll post my thoughts about it later. It'll be crazy easier to try out new artists and albums now. Yay.
I want you to know what I think about things

I decided to start adding reviews to my site. It'll help me vent and give me some sort of record I can refer to in the future. My rating scheme is a little different than usual. There are five slots for the score and each of those slots can be either green, yellow, or red. So if a film isn't necessarily bad but is just blah, it might get five yellows. This give me a better range when I'm deciding on how good certain aspects from the film are. I start with Transformers, which I gave three greens, one yellow, and one red. This means there is a lot that is done well in this film, a little blah in some places, and a small amount of bad. Overall though I was very entertained. I'm not sure if I'll even have write ups of the reviews. I still haven't decided. Next film I'll be seeing is probably going to be Horrible Bosses. I'm looking forward to this one so here's hoping it's entertaining.