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The Good, the Bad, and the just plain Weird


For some reason I'm way more into football this season than any other year before. This could be because of my affection for my fantasy teams and my hatred for those who make them fail. In any case, I'm watching the Cowboys/Giants game now(and currently hating Romo) so I might be a little distracted as I type this.

Tomorrow I start at Dreamworks. I'm definitely a little nervous but I actually thought I'd be a little sick to my stomach at this point. I'm perplexed by this since I have no clue what to expect. The trip to the studio two months ago could be the reason though. Everyone I met then seemed very cool so I'm really looking forward to my time there.

My lord Romo. Can you play any worse?!! Ahem...The picture above is from the Air and Space Museum in LA. Stephanie and I went to all the museums around there this week plus visited the rose garden in the center of them all. The jet was going Mach 5 at the time of this picture.

So I've spent two weeks here in LA and I've had a bit of time to make some observations on the good, bad, and weird qualities of the LA culture. So let's get down to it.

The Traffic:

The Good: The Burbank streets are actually quite nice to drive. There are no surprises in lane change or traffic patterns. I am very happy about this since it's where we're driving the most.

The Bad: The freeways on the other hand are quite a bit more stressful. Depending on the time you travel them, they seem like a traffic-jammed construction zone where all the drivers have the driving IQ of a potato chip. I have a theory about this. The richer you get, the more you are in need of a chauffer because your driving skills decline proportionally to your wealth.

The Weird: It's very odd to see minimum speed limits posted on the freeways when you can only go a fraction of them without plowing into the next car.

The Weather:

The Good: The nights are wonderful. The temperature then is perfect and there's usually a cool breeze blowing. I hope these nights keep up.

The Bad: The days are very hot. Thank god we have central air in our apartment. It's a dry heat so it's not as bad as it could be. You can really feel the sun beating down on you though and I think I've darkened through about 3 of those paint shade sample strip thingies. I went from a cream tan to and autumn umber if that makes any sense.

The Weird: You can't see the mountains at times and they aren't very far away. I feel for our poor earth.

The Hospitality:

The Good: I don't think I've seen this much friendliness in a while. The people here are really cordial even when they know you are as good as tourists when they see you. The service at restaurants has so far been amazing. I don't know why this is. Maybe they are used to serving famous people or something but when you feel like a Hollywood notable at a Baskin Robbins you know something is going on.

The Bad: There is no bad. People are great here. When they get behind the wheel on a freeway things change a little but face to face, you can't have a better populous to be part of.

The Weird: It's quite a weird feeling to see your waiter rush to your service at every bite. I'll have to tell them to chill out a little.

Stranger in a stranger world

I have decided to start a little blog. It'll just be a weekly type thing at first but it'll mostly be about an east coast boy coping with his new job and life on the west coast. So today will be my first post. Stephanie and I arrived in Burbank on Sunday to the delight of an intense dry heat and pile of suitcases to lug around. Luckily all the ash from the wildfires had blown out to sea or something so the air was as clean as it could be considering we were in LA. After settling into our temp housing, which turned out to be a pretty nice place, we decided to drive around town to get to know the area a little. To our surprise the traffic around Burbank and Glendale really wasn't that bad. Maybe we got lucky. I think I'm gonna like driving around this town. I really like driving up by the mountains in northern Burbank. Very quiet streets lined with houses ranging from little shacks to big golden shacks.

Stephanie and I had a busy first couple of days. We met up with a group of friends for lunch on Tuesday. Two of those friends were visiting from San Fran so it was great to see them. Later that day we drove to Santa Monica/Venice to meet up with two other friends who were visiting from Boston. I have to admit, my skepticism of the west coast waned as I took in the very bohemian Venice boardwalk. Arts and crafts from all over surrounded us. There were some really nifty items for sale and when I visit again I'll definitely make a point to slip into my tourist pants and buy some stuff.

We took Wednesday to meet up with our relocation agent to find us a real place to live. We saw some pretty nice places but were happy to choose a place on Cypress Ave in Burbank. It's a great location being a walk away from Burbank Town Center (a mallish place) and to sweeten the deal, it has an attached garage. We need tons of storage space so an attached garage was very attractive. We're getting the keys to the apartment on Monday.

Today was mostly spent at the pool. The temp housing has two pools and four jacuzzis so I want to take advantage of these very sweet amenities while we're here. The pic above is from the pool area. A praying mantis decided to nest in my hair. It then proceeded to walk around my beach chair. I'm not used to seeing these alien creatures around and it was intent on staring me down so we decided to take a snapshot.

Wow maybe I should make this a daily thing so the posts aren't so long. I guess my LA likes and dislikes will have to wait till next week. Until then, I'll try not to be eaten by mantids.