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2009 Technical Demo Reel

Synopsis: Character Rigger/Tool Maker Demo Reel

2009 Technical Demo Reel Breakdown

1 Autorigger
This autorigger is completely coded in Python. The rigger is designed to be modular and extendible so that other rigs setups and alterations of these can be added with little problems. The source chains are created with component based selection and then they are added to the rig. A subrig (ik, fk, etc.) can be added or removed at will without having to rerig and reweight the character. The rig data is object oriented and is packaged up and stored in a Maya string attribute. I plan to expand this rigger to support NURBS ribbon appendages and also add more editable attributes for the rig setups already supported.

2 Jitterbug
This MEL script adds controllable randomized jitter on keyed objects. The jittered curve will retain the general movement of the original curve and the original curve is preserved so you can revert back to it at any point. The script has support for oscillation with dropoffs and randomized motion with dropoffs. You have control over the in and out tangents of the jittered curve as well as the start and stop times. There is also a stop motion mode where the amount of random jitter is based on the speed of the object moving. I plan to develop this further so that it uses Maya's new animation layer architecture.

3 Future Cop
Future Cop is a character from a short film idea still in development. He was modeled in Maya and shaded with mental ray shaders. His wardrobe and props were shaded with the architectural material and his skin was shaded with a subsurface scattering material. The turnaround was lit with a physical sun and sky setup. I plan to continue to develop the design of this character starting with a more refined shape for his jetpack.

4 Maran
Maran was a character developed for a large future project. He was modeled in Maya and then taken into ZBrush to sculpt his torso. I wanted to try and combine a quadruped's upper torso with a biped's hence the protruding chest you see in the model. He still needs a design for his wardrobe and I plan on adding fur to his skin.