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Synopsis: Bob the Beetle finds his new calling to bring the Light to all that he encounters. His is a Messenger of Insects or so he believes. His buddies, Sid and Arnie, now must try to bring Bob back from this all-blinding Light. This is just a clip from the film. To view the entire film click here.


Synopsis: This was a 24-hour animation challenge produced by a team of 2D and 3D artists at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Our goal was to create a full film in exactly a day. The lab had a power outage with about 4 hours to go so we had to render it the next day. I was responsible for the animation of a few shots, one of which you can see in my demo reel and also the rigging of the crabs legs so that animators could just move his body and the crab would automatically walk. The film was directed and produced by Joe Daniels and Jed Mitchell.


Synopsis: A lonely lighthouse keeper holds a strange collection as his only avenue to the outside world. One day a visitor comes to him in the form of a seagull.


Synopsis: Music video for "Missed Me" by The Dresden Dolls. This was a ten week group project produced by Stephanie Benvenuto, Kristin Callahan, Jeremy Galante, Karabo Legwaila, Erick Rohn, and Ferris Webby at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Synopsis: A man in his office is forced to live a life of routine. Only he can break this learned comfort.