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Jitterbug stablized!

Jitterbug is no longer in beta form (crosses fingers) and has been updated to 2.4. I've simply worked on making things a little more stable as well as adding prefixes to all my global variables and functions so that they don't interfere with other scripts. I still have a few ideas for additions but for now it's working and is pretty stable. Enjoy! Click here to go to my Code section.
EdgyCurves v.1.0

I updated the code section of my site with a new version of my Edgy Curves script. I've added a GUI and made the wire deformer creation a little more efficient. I've also added the ability to select not just edges but face or vertices to create the edgy curves. You can even have a combination of component selections. For that reason, I am calling this version 1.0. There are still more that I will be adding to this script but right now it's pretty stable. Click here to go to my Code section.
Phoenix Film Festival Info

Pheonix Film Festival LogoThe Phoenix Film Festival site has been updated for this year's festival. The film selections are now listed as well as information on ticketing and other such things. Check out the animated short selections here

Translation: My code section is now online. There's only a few scripts up right now but I might add a few more shortly. They are a mix of MEL and python scripts that I have worked on while at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I'm currently getting used to Python and am beginning to really like it so look for more scripts soon. Click here to go to my Code section.
Beetle Blasphemy To Screen At Pheonix Film Festival

Pheonix Film Festival LogoI've just received word that Beetle Blasphemy has been accepted into the 2008 Phoenix Film Festival that will be held this April in Phoenix, Arizona. Not much info yet on what else is screening but judging by years past, there should be some interesting films being presented there. I'll post details as they come to me.
Most Extreme Animation Challenge

I've added to this site the film a group of us at RIT worked on while I was a student there. It was the result of a 24 hour animation challenge. The goal was to produce an entire film within the confines of a day. We were pretty much on schedule when a power outage in the lab forced us to continue rendering and post production another day. It was completed shortly after and here is "Jack and the Beanstalk" in all it's glory. I was responsible for the animation of a few shots, one of which you can see in my demo reel and also the rigging of the crabs legs so that animators could just move his body and the crab would automatically walk. The film was directed and produced by Joe Daniels and Jed Mitchell. Click the image below to view.

"Missed Me" Screenshot
Sing That Beautiful Song

Since music is wonderfully important to me, I've updated the site to have a little info on the current album I'm listening to. It probably won't be up to date often but people can see what types of music I love. Anything that is not listed is noise to me and shouldn't be exposed to anyone's ears. Am I joking? Maybe. Enjoy!
Dresden Dolls "Missed Me" Music Video online

I've uploaded the group project I worked on with a bunch of my friends at RIT two or so years ago. It was supposed to be a music video for the Dresden Dolls song "Missed Me" though it was never totally finished. The project was produced in ten weeks and includes 2D and 3D animation. Click on the image below to see the video.

"Missed Me" Screenshot
Independent's Film Festival TV Schedule

The TV broadcast schedule has been released for the upcoming Independent's Film Festival in Tampa, Florida. Beetle Blasphemy will be broadcast on Saturday, September 15th after 8PM on The Education Channel. My film is near the end of the program. The film will also be simultaneously streamed online at www.indiefilmfest.us. There will also be a few theatrical screenings but I am unsure if my film will be included in any of those programs. Click here to view the pdf of the TV schedule and go here for more info on the festival itself.
FJORG! Ahead

Prosthetic Foreheads LogoThis past week I attended SIGGRAPH in San Diego and competed in the first Iron Animator event called FJORG! (pronounced "forge"). The competition had 15 teams of three in attendance. For 32 hours, my two team members and I animated our butts off with little to no sleep (no sleep in my case). We didn't place in the event but we did well and were up for the top 3 spots. The event was a great experience and we got to network with many very important people in the animation industry. Most importantly, the competition was tons of fun what with such "distractions" as a contortionist, fighting monks, bellydancers, and random acts of pillaging. Here's the final animation we produced entitled "tp".

Click here to view "tp".