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Clip from Thesis Film Beetle Blasphemy

Here's a clip from my thesis film "Beetle Blasphemy". DVDs are now on sale at a price of $10 plus $2 shipping. You can order them by emailing me at dvd@ferriswebby.com. Click on the image below to view the clip. Enjoy!

Beetle Blasphemy DVDs are on sale!

Beetle Blasphemy DVD imageDVDs of Beeltle Blasphemy are on sale now. They are $10.00 plus $2.00 for shipping costs and they are packed with extra features including a bonus short film of mine called The Keeper. It also includes Original Storyboards and a Score Only audio track. If you would like to order a copy please email me at dvd@ferriswebby.com.
Beetle Blasphemy Accepted Into Independents Film Festival

Independents' Film Festival LaurelsBeetle Blasphemy has been accepted into the 2007 Independents Film Festival which is taking place in September. The festival is based in Tampa, Florida and will composed of a month long broadcast on the Education Channel there. The winners of the festival will then have a screening at a Tampa theatre sometime in October.
2007 Generalist Demo Reel Online

I put up my demo reel for all to view. Click on the image below to view the clip.